Good evening

Today, I took part in
TBS Festa 2011

On both the
And Last Exile~Ginyoku no Fam~

This time
I was a surprise guest for both stages
So there was no prior announcement made


I’m really happy
To get such a warm welcome!

Thank you so much!

And the K-ON! stage
Was the curtain raiser for the TBS Festa!

Suddenly, a live performance for the opening!

Today’s photo
Shows me wearing the same HTT shirt from the Come with Me!! live

It’s been some time since
The 5 members of HTT gathered, as well as me getting a chance to perform with Giita on stage so to see everyone having fun
Made me happy!

The show itself may be over but
The fact that so many people are continued to show their love for K-ON!
Through their voices of support moved me

Of course!

With my unchanging feelings of love towards K-ON!
I’m gonna put my all into the movie
So that it’ll be something to make everyone happy

Yui-chan and the rest of the girls are going to England~
New songs will be produced~


Look forward to it!!!

For the Last Exile~Ginyoku no Fam~ stage
There was a surprise screening of the first episode!

I was already a fan
Of the original Last Exile so
I really wanted to be involved with the new production
Right from the time I found out auditions were being held for it

When I received the news that I had passed my audition
I was both surprised and happy, full of excitement

Fam, the girl I am voicing
Is a meek yet mischevious girl from the Sky Pirates…

I’ll traverse the skies with Fam
To hopefully bring you a voice that’s carefree (like her)

The Last Exile production team
Starting from the director, are full of passion about the show

I’m fortunate to be a part of such a fiery work atmosphere
And I thank both these people, and all of you who are waiting with anticipation for the final product

From now on
I’m gonna do my best

So everyone
Please show your support!

I’m so so happy
That I got to spend such a fun time with all of you

I’ll be waiting for an opportunity to meet all of you again
Through these productions and characters

Thank you so much!!!

See ya later☆

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