Good Morning.

Even where I live
It rained heavily

Those of you who got soaked whilst outdoors
Please take care of yourselves so you don’t catch a cold

It’s been so hot and humid of late
But the sudden autumn breeze that blew through
Seems to be the reason for the heavy rain…

Or so I think

Since springtime
I’ve somehow become rather knowledgable about the weather. lol

Come to think of it
When we talk about the weather, we say ‘looking at the sky’*, don’t we~

I love that way of describing it

Did people from ancient times
Think of the sky as a sketchbook
Rain or shine, drawing shapes and patterns with their minds…

If they really did
Then that foresight shows that they must have had a really good sense of humour


OK then
This vague weather seems set to go on for a while
I’m gonna do my best today too~

Funsu (`ω´)!

*In Japanese, 空模様 (the look of the sky)

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