Good afternoon

I talked about this a little bit on Okaeri Radio before but…

I am being featured
In the October issue of CanCam
That is on sale now

CanCam is…
That CanCam~!!!

It’s a magazine that’s like a bible for working women~!


I first heard about this feature

Why me? (・ω・)

Or rather
Is it OK for me (to be in the magazine)!? (´ω`;)

It was that sort of feeling
And my head started pounding


This time
It was this kind of plan…

With CanCam-like fashion and hair-styling
I think you can see an all-new me


On the day of the shoot itself too
I went to the studio feeling all fidgety and flighty…

D-d-d-d-on’t I stick out like a sore thumb? (´。`;;)

Just joking…but I did feel nervous entering the studio
CanCam’s staff is mostly made up of women!

Being enveloped in the healing aura of such wonderful girl power which also helped get rid of my nerves
I was able to smile naturally for the camera

Everyone at CanCam
Thank you so much

And and

Today’s photo shows
The goodies brought to the studio on that day…

This, it’s coffee jelly!

Apparently they knew I loved coffee so it was readied especially for me

That sort of consideration
Made me feel all fluffly, like jelly…

So please do check out CanCam
To see a side of me that’s a bit different from what you usually see~

Thanks for the support

Now then…

Since we’re on the subject of photoshoots
I’ve another announcement here…

Tomorrow, on the 25th of August
Finally! Toyosaki Aki’s 1st photobook Akiyasumi goes on saleeee

I hope those of you who hold this book in your hands
Will receive much joy from it…(´ω`)

I’ll leave the talk about that
For tomorrow!

I’m gonna do my best today tooo

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