Just now
I visited Akihabara’s Animate and Gamers stores!

Because this week saw the safe release of
Sphere’s ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan Blu-ray & DVD~

To the stores that are displaying the release
We left our signatures
As a sign of our gratitude

To Animate
And Gamers too

Thank you so much

For creating that huge sphere corner
That made all of us run around screaming…lol

And and

On the books floor in Gamers
I found a corner for my 1st photobook Akiyasumi


Such a large poster of myself!

Thank you
I’m so happy (。´ω`。)

And there too
I scribbled some scribbles…

Please do
Go and have a look for yourself at the shop~

By the way
At Animate
I scribbled a li’l something on the K-ON! corner too. lol

Try to look for it☆

And tonight, we’ll be guesting on AniSpa

Gonna do my best

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