Good evening

I have a wonderful announcement to make

The Blu-ray disc release of the Sphere live
sphere ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan
That went on sale the other day…

Achieved no.1 in the weekly chart rankings~!!!


Thanks so much
Thanks so muchh

My personal feeling is that
Despite sitting atop the charts, ranking and numbers aren’t the most important thing

But still

Putting it simply
The fact that our voices could reach
So, so many people this week
Is something that truly makes me happy…

I mean
There is nothing sadder than the possibility of
The thoughts and sounds that we ‘spin’ with all our hearts
Not reaching all of you

That’s why this is
Something that’s oh so amazing~!!!

What’s amazing is
Sphere and the power of all of you who support us

I thought this too during the Makuhari lives but
All of you are just such warm-hearted people
Every time we meet, my own desire to work even harder strengthens

It is due to the collective strength and love
From each and every beloved one of you
That Sphere is able to continue our activities

A seiyuu’s work is
Able to continue because of the series and characters…and I always feel
That I am a person that exists because of the series

In the same way, Sphere’s activities
Are only able to continue
Because of the existence of all of you who support us…

Even if it’s something that seems ordinary
I (still) give thanks, much thanks for these days that are overflowing with miracles…

Above all, to you
I give you my utmost thanks!!!

It’s a no.1 that belongs to allllll of us


Today’s photos show
The cake provided by Lantis’s S-san

Being able to bring smiles to the people who are always taking care of us
Makes us really happy too

There are so many driving forces (behind our success), aren’t there…

Gonna do my best tomorrow!


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