Minako’s day

Is the release date of
Mina-chan’s new single Dear my…

Have you got it in your hands yet~

It’s a single packed with lots and lots of
The charms of a nearly 20-year old Mina-chan

Listening to the title track Dear my…
Will fill you with soft and very gentle feelings

And the coupling song Colourful Diary
Changes the mood up completely, and it’s a really cool song~

Please do

Listen to it loads

Mina-chan is
Someone who sings well, right from the moment I first met her
When she hums a song, it brings up the image of a cool lady
Someone like Meja*

With each single release
Mina-chan’s musical activities continue to mature and open up opportunities (for her)
And as a colleague and fellow band member
I cannot help but get excited every time…

The Mina-chan (we see) this time
Is amazing~(*´ω`*)

It’ll be a precious release for you too.

Congrats on the release

*Meja is a Swedish singer, see her wiki

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