Let our feelings be as one

Good evening everyone!

Finally, tomorrow is
The first day of Sphere live 2011 Athletic Harmonies!

The first day is
Dangerous Stage…!

As for what sort of live it’ll turn out to be
Do look forward to finding out~!

Sphere’s lives represent
A very precious chance for us to give a voice to the feelings of gratitude we have
And send it out directly

To you, the viewer who will be coming to see us
I hope that you will be able to smile lots of smiles…

This time too, with that as the No.1 priority
I did my best preparing for the lives…!

So tomorrow
Finally being able to meet you
I can’t help but get excited (´ω`)

Gonna do my best
To have as much fun as possible!!!

Oh and also!

For this set of lives
So many wonderful Sphere goods will be on show!

I’d recommend all of them but
Personally, I’m most interested in the polo shirts and the megaphone strap…

The megaphone
Was made in the image of the actual megaphone
Used in the Let.Me.Do! music clip – it’s really cute~

To those of you who’ll be going to buy goods
Please look forward to seeing the real thing☆

Also, during the Makuhari Messe live
The food stalls that suddenly appeared out of nowhere like a comet

Will be turning into
A takoyaki store this time!

The takoyaki will be colourful
Tailored to our individual image colours…lol

To those who think ‘I’m feelin’ hungry~’
Please look forward to this too!

You can check out all the details related to the live
On sphere’s website

Not just because of the live
But I hope that tomorrow too, is a fun day for all of you
There’s plenty of stuff planned so do check it out…☆

And and
Tomorrow is Mina-chan’s 20th birthday!!!

Gufu, gufufu(*´ω`*)

With lots going on
On an exciting day
Let’s all have as much fun as possible!

I’ll be waitin’ for you at Yoyogi~♪


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