Dangerous Stage!

The first day of Athletic Harmonies
Is safely over~!!!

To all who paid a visit
And helped make our birthday girl Minako happy

It was a Dangerous Stage
Filled with traps~

The Yoyogi National First Gymnasium is
A place where we can see all of your smiles no matter where you are!

Seeing so many smiles and feeling all the love
I had a truly fun time

To you who came today
I am filled with much gratitude

Thank you very much!

Today’s stage was
A stage that’s unique to this very day

To the audience
As well as the staff members
This was a live that couldn’t have been possible without you

Really, really
Thank you very much!

And again tomorrow and for tomorrow only
We have prepared a Climax Stage so
To those coming
Let’s have as much fun as possible!

This post was written in haste
So I just wanted to say a few words of thanks


Having said that

There’s more to come
From Athletic Harmonies!

The continuation
Is S-phe-re!!!

Gonna do my best tomorrow.

And to Mina-chan
Happy birthday!

Mina-chan’s elation and smiles
Made me really happy too…

Surrounded by all your happy feelings
We were able to give (Mina-chan) a lovely birhday present!

Happy birthday

I pray that the 20-year old Mina-chan
Will be showered with uncountable blessings…

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