Climax Stage

The 2nd day of Athletic Harmonies
Climax Stage!

Is now safely over!!!

Continuing on from the previous day
I had a greeeat, fun time today too!

For today’s Climax Stage
We mainly performed songs from our 2nd album~

For the drama part
The story diverted a bit from what we did yesterday

There was a change in costumes as well

We were able
To create a wonderful stage just for this one day!

As a new challenge for Sphere
Being able to successfully complete this 2-day event

Is down to
All of your warm voices of support
And your many smiles

Truly, truly
Thank you
Thank you

Each time
We strongly feel that wewant to push for that little extra something
To repay the support that so many people have shown us

To all of our dear (fans)
We hope that you will feel
Lots and lots of love and gratitude from Sphere…

There were plenty of new announcements as well

So from now on, we will do our best
To continue to conscientiously deliver
Our feelings of gratitude through our voices

Thank you so much
For these 2 days, which were like a dream

Sometime, definitely
Let us meet again

When that time comes we hope to be a Sphere that has improved even more
Both as individual actresses and as a unit
For that, we will (continue to be) diligent

So please support us from now on too

To all the people who were involved with the lives
Over these 2 days…

Thank you very much


For tonight, just get
Plenty of rest…☆

See you

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