Tomorrow is

Good evening!

Is an event-filled day

First of all
I’ll be attending the preview screening
For UN-GO, which will start airing in October

In the show
I voice a mysterious bishonen named Inga…

To me, it’s a role that provided many challenges
Actually, as I received the script every week
I worried a bit, got lost a bit
So this is a character that I put a lot of heart into acting

With the enjoyment that comes from being an actor
There are also plenty of things for me to learn in the recording studio of every show I’m involved in

It’s a first episode that contains a lot of thought
Born out of (the efforts of) the rest of the show’s cast and staff…

To be trusted with the job of voicing a character as full of charm as Inga
I carry the hopes of my beloved staff members on my shoulders

Through this series
I hope to convey the things that are important to people

To those of you who are coming to the event
Please look forward to entering the peculiar world of UN-GO
One step ahead (of everyone else)!!!

After that comes another new autumn show

LAST EXILE~Ginyoku no Fam~!!!

Fam too, is having a preview screening~!


I will be voicing the main character
The mischevious Fam Fan Fan

When I talk about this series
What I first want to get across is…

The love and passion that everyone
From the director
To all the other cast & staff involved pours into the show!

The producers that put so much thought
Into the first series LAST EXILE

Dreams and romance
How people’s hearts connect
I hope these emotions are properly conveyed during recordings

When I voice the kind-hearted Fam
I gain courage and ‘wings’ from (her)

The world-view (of the show)
Features cool battleships and light aircraft vespers; plenty of warships
Cross each other in the cast skies
Overflowing with incredibly exciting scenes

I think it’s certain
That you’ll be able to feel like you’re flying in the skies alongside Fam & the others

Tomorrow’s screening will be in the cinemas
So I’m sure you’ll feel that even more so (´ω`)

For those of you who are coming
I am sure that it’ll be an episode that fills you with pleasure

So please please come along and have fun!


Finally, finally

Is the commemoration event for my first photobook
My first signing event!!


I’m reeeallly looking forward
To meeting all of you

The gratitude that I feel everyday
I hope to convey my feelings politely to each and every one of you
I’ll do my best to make it a warm signing event!

By the way

Those who’ve seen my signature before will be able to imagine this but

My signature
Takes a long time to write! lol

I’m sorry for being slow.

But it’s ‘cos of that
That I might get a little bit more time to speak to you
So isn’t it fine that way. (´ω`)lol

I really really am looking forward
To my first signing event

Let’s meet at various places


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