An Eventful Day


Yesterday was a day filled with various events
It really was a fun, fun day!

For those who took part in the events
And for those who couldn’t make it too
“I must tell you about how I felt yesterday!” was what I thought

When I got home
By the time I finished reading all of the letters you wrote to me
I started dozing off as I was writing this post…

So with that
Sorry for the late report

I’ve rewritten parts of the post
So if you have the time, please do carry on reading (´ω`)

It’ll be a bit longer this time~(。・ω・。)

Let’s start from the preview screening!

I showed up to say a few words at the mid-morning UN-GO screening

During the talk show part
Together with director Mizushima Seiji, Aikawa Sho & Yamamoto Nozomi, we discussed various topics

Starting from the worldview of the series
To the characters as well as episodes from the recording studio
I think we managed to convey how much fun we have making this series!

At the same time, we had announcer 39 Tatsuo’s interesting MCs
Making it a talk show full of laughs from start to finish

To everyone who came for the event
Thanks so much!

Having watched the first episode, did you feel excited and have fun at the same time?

As the series goes on it gets a lot more interesting
And deeper

Please do
Watch the show when it goes on air!!

Thanks for your support

Next up was a change of location
Mid-day, off to Akihabara for the preview screening & talk for LAST EXILE~Ginyoku no Fam~

Here too
There was a talk show held after the first episode screening
Where (we) talked about the world of LAST EXILE & the first episode in more detail!

I also watched the first episode on the large screen
Just like the rest of you~!

I think it felt
Like I was soaring in the skies alongside Fam & the other characters

During the second talk show
We talked about the original series

The first episode was a fun watch not only for those who’ve watched the first series
It’s fun too, for those picking the show up now

This Friday
There will be a special episode airing ahead of the actual broadcast

So those who weren’t at the screening today
Please do watch the special episode
So you can see the passion of the makers
And some behind-the-scenes tidbits from the Fam recordings

Please do
Show your support!

And now
We come to the signing event…

As I read all your letters at home
I recalled your faces
Matching them to the names, faces & radio names I keep in my heart

Ah, the one who’s studying for his exams~
Or the one who was so happy to see me that he started crying
Or the one who came from afar to see me
Or the one who was happy to get an employed position
Or the one who asked for a Happy Birthday! alongside my signature

There’s just too many to mention on this blog
I was filled with so much warmth
Getting to speak, communicate and share thoughts with each and every one of you

Thank you so much

When I read your letters
I see how many of you felt nervous about whether you could speak to me properly

But it’s alright
It’s alright

Your feelings, they reached me
Much more than you thought they would

Carefully handwritten words
Even the writing paper – you must have spent a lot of time choosing which to use

I am so so happy
For those words and your time…

So please rest assured
Your feelings
Did safely reach me

From such a (close) distance
There were so many things
That were understood, communicated

I received a lot of love from you

Each and everyone of you
Said ‘thank you’ to me
But in truth, that should be my line!

So always, always
Thank you!

I hope that
These overwhelming feelings of gratitude I have
Will reach you too…

To those of you who I wasn’t able to see this time

If you ever feel down-hearted
If your heart aches

I was informed that for the signing event this time
Lots of people applied

And I would have loved
To have been able to directly thank each and every person
Who bought a copy of Akiyasumi but…

I will just have to use this blog as a way
To express my gratitude to all of you who bought Akiyasumi

Thank you so much!

The books and CDs
May be lined up plentifully at the stores but

Once you have it in your hands
It becomes a one-in-the-world item that belongs solely to you

And of course
That’s true for Akiyasumi too.

From now on
When you’re feeling down
When you’re feeling bored
When you want to relax
I hope that (Akiyasumi) will be close to you

So with that

Yesterday was a day where my heart was moved so many times
A truly happy day for me

It’s thanks to all your support that
I have the opportunity to be involved with so many wonderful series
And am able to do what I love for a living

Truly truly
Always, thank you

Today’s blog post
Ended up a little too long
But thanks for reading up ’til this point

This autumn
I’ll be doing my very best
Sending you my voice in various places

So then
With lots of gratitude…


Today’s photo shows
What I wore during the signing event
A style that’s a nod to Tezuka-sensei. lol

From now on, I too
Will call girls who look good wearing berets
Tezu-kawa, similar to the Oji-kawa* fashion

Honya honya~

*Oji-kawa (オジカワ) – Ojisan-kawaii (old-man fashion) popular amongst gyaru

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