To All of You


It’s been a while

You can see this on the agency’s website too but
First of all, let me say sorry to all of you
For causing all sorts of worries

And at the same time
Thank you so much
For the warm concern and kind words

Honestly, I still feel very scared at the moment

Anyhow, I am feeling fine
I’m still continuing to give my best to my daily work as always
So rest assured

For today’s blog post
I hope to tell all of you things
In my own words
So please read this in your own time

The first thing I want to say
Concerns (the) shows and characters

I love the shows and characters I am involved with personally

Not just the show itself
But all of the people who created the show together
The existence of everyone who supports and loves the show
To me, they are something that I am so proud of, that I take great pride in

To all the shows I am fortunate enough to have met, the characters, the songs
The places that have afforded me the chance to grow as an actor
I am always full of gratitude to them

From the time I decided that I would start working at this job
It is a feeling that has never changed, never been shaken

Up until now, and from now on
I have not and will not
Let my private life and thoughts affect me in my work

While I’ve been working on various things
Even if something sad happens privately
The series, the characters, the series’s world
I think that they have no direct relation to what happens in my private life

Especially for recordings
Every day, gettting to voice act as characters that are unlike myself
I can’t help but feel fortunate and full of enjoyment

The things that I learn at work are so many that they’re enough to form a mountain
Worrying, being unable to form thoughts
(Thinking) ‘I wanna do it this way’, ‘I wanna be like that’ etc etc

Making mistakes and learning from them
While drawing out the charm of the characters to the best of my ability, aiming for a great performance
These are the two things that face off against each other

For the characters I voice
The very moment that I feel just how so many people love them
It makes my heart tremble

The characters that I am able to meet because of all of you, the voices of these irreplaceable characters that I have been entrusted with – from now on I will continue to to do my best in acting them, with love and responsibility

As an actor
I am still inexperienced and unreliable but
I will do my best whilst devoting myself (to my work) everyday

Moving forward
I hope that we can continue
To love these shows and characters together

I truly wish for that

About Tom-H@ck

I greatly respect his feelings for, and the way he treats his works
He is also someone who brings me relief and is someone whom I can talk to about my worries in my private life

These clumsy words
I am a little unsure if I can truly get across what I intend to say

The bonds between us that have been carefully built up
The unchanging feelings that (you) have towards the (anime) shows
To me, they shine like precious treasures

Telling my story in my own words
To all of you who support me on a daily basis
And all of you who have been worried about me
In good faith, I compose these words

Thank you very much
For reading up until this point

From now on too, I will show you my gratitude through my voice
Politely, carefully I will repay this

This seiyuu job I love so much
As long as the characters exist, I will continue to give more and more to become an actor who can give performances that make (the characters feel) real

From now on
Please support me

I’ve said this so many times but
To all of you who’ve been worried about me
Thank you so so much

What I am grateful for
Is that the anime from this spring season
Are giving me lots of opportunities to meet all of you in person at events

And there
I will do my best too, to bring you acting and performances that will touch your heart

From the bottom of my heart, I look forward to
Seeing many more smiles!

Personal note: 相変わらずわけのわからない日記ですね。さぁ、このブログもお終いのようです。これまで読んで頂き、ありがとうございました。

Thank you for reading.

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