Let our feelings be as one

Good evening everyone!

Finally, tomorrow is
The first day of Sphere live 2011 Athletic Harmonies!

The first day is
Dangerous Stage…!

As for what sort of live it’ll turn out to be
Do look forward to finding out~!

Sphere’s lives represent
A very precious chance for us to give a voice to the feelings of gratitude we have
And send it out directly

To you, the viewer who will be coming to see us
I hope that you will be able to smile lots of smiles…

This time too, with that as the No.1 priority
I did my best preparing for the lives…!

So tomorrow
Finally being able to meet you
I can’t help but get excited (´ω`)

Gonna do my best
To have as much fun as possible!!!

Oh and also!

For this set of lives
So many wonderful Sphere goods will be on show!

I’d recommend all of them but
Personally, I’m most interested in the polo shirts and the megaphone strap…

The megaphone
Was made in the image of the actual megaphone
Used in the Let.Me.Do! music clip – it’s really cute~

To those of you who’ll be going to buy goods
Please look forward to seeing the real thing☆

Also, during the Makuhari Messe live
The food stalls that suddenly appeared out of nowhere like a comet

Will be turning into
A takoyaki store this time!

The takoyaki will be colourful
Tailored to our individual image colours…lol

To those who think ‘I’m feelin’ hungry~’
Please look forward to this too!

You can check out all the details related to the live
On sphere’s website

Not just because of the live
But I hope that tomorrow too, is a fun day for all of you
There’s plenty of stuff planned so do check it out…☆

And and
Tomorrow is Mina-chan’s 20th birthday!!!

Gufu, gufufu(*´ω`*)

With lots going on
On an exciting day
Let’s all have as much fun as possible!

I’ll be waitin’ for you at Yoyogi~♪


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Minako’s day

Is the release date of
Mina-chan’s new single Dear my…

Have you got it in your hands yet~

It’s a single packed with lots and lots of
The charms of a nearly 20-year old Mina-chan

Listening to the title track Dear my…
Will fill you with soft and very gentle feelings

And the coupling song Colourful Diary
Changes the mood up completely, and it’s a really cool song~

Please do

Listen to it loads

Mina-chan is
Someone who sings well, right from the moment I first met her
When she hums a song, it brings up the image of a cool lady
Someone like Meja*

With each single release
Mina-chan’s musical activities continue to mature and open up opportunities (for her)
And as a colleague and fellow band member
I cannot help but get excited every time…

The Mina-chan (we see) this time
Is amazing~(*´ω`*)

It’ll be a precious release for you too.

Congrats on the release

*Meja is a Swedish singer, see her wiki

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Good evening

I have a wonderful announcement to make

The Blu-ray disc release of the Sphere live
sphere ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan
That went on sale the other day…

Achieved no.1 in the weekly chart rankings~!!!


Thanks so much
Thanks so muchh

My personal feeling is that
Despite sitting atop the charts, ranking and numbers aren’t the most important thing

But still

Putting it simply
The fact that our voices could reach
So, so many people this week
Is something that truly makes me happy…

I mean
There is nothing sadder than the possibility of
The thoughts and sounds that we ‘spin’ with all our hearts
Not reaching all of you

That’s why this is
Something that’s oh so amazing~!!!

What’s amazing is
Sphere and the power of all of you who support us

I thought this too during the Makuhari lives but
All of you are just such warm-hearted people
Every time we meet, my own desire to work even harder strengthens

It is due to the collective strength and love
From each and every beloved one of you
That Sphere is able to continue our activities

A seiyuu’s work is
Able to continue because of the series and characters…and I always feel
That I am a person that exists because of the series

In the same way, Sphere’s activities
Are only able to continue
Because of the existence of all of you who support us…

Even if it’s something that seems ordinary
I (still) give thanks, much thanks for these days that are overflowing with miracles…

Above all, to you
I give you my utmost thanks!!!

It’s a no.1 that belongs to allllll of us


Today’s photos show
The cake provided by Lantis’s S-san

Being able to bring smiles to the people who are always taking care of us
Makes us really happy too

There are so many driving forces (behind our success), aren’t there…

Gonna do my best tomorrow!


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Minchi’s catering curry

On my way back home from rehearsals
I went to eat Go Go Curry with the rest of Sphere~

We’ve often talked about how our manager
Is a regular customer at Go Go Curry
So us members have been wanting to try it out for a long time~

As desired, our first Go Go!

They’re having a Hana Saku Iroha campaign at the moment
So I received a clear file…!

Yay (´ω`)v

The photo shows
Myself with the clear file
A portrait of a merry me, awaiting my curry (photographer: Ayahi)

The curry was delicious
I went home with a full stomach


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Before yesterday’s (appearance on) Anispa
Sphere went to eat ice-cream

As the number of rehearsals start to increase going into September
The time the four of us spend together increases even more

It’s a given thing that we’ll have fun during the live itself but
The time we spend preparing for the live, wondering if we’ll be able to make everyone happy…
Is really fun too

I want to see all of you as soon as possible
So that I can get these exciting feelings across

This time, Sphere’s one-man live will be held over a historical 2-days, our first ever!!

I’ll be doing my best to create this stage
With all of you who are coming to the live
And with the rest of Sphere

By the way
The flavour of ice-cream I asked for
Was melon & milk~


I’m gonna do my best too~

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Just now
I visited Akihabara’s Animate and Gamers stores!

Because this week saw the safe release of
Sphere’s ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan Blu-ray & DVD~

To the stores that are displaying the release
We left our signatures
As a sign of our gratitude

To Animate
And Gamers too

Thank you so much

For creating that huge sphere corner
That made all of us run around screaming…lol

And and

On the books floor in Gamers
I found a corner for my 1st photobook Akiyasumi


Such a large poster of myself!

Thank you
I’m so happy (。´ω`。)

And there too
I scribbled some scribbles…

Please do
Go and have a look for yourself at the shop~

By the way
At Animate
I scribbled a li’l something on the K-ON! corner too. lol

Try to look for it☆

And tonight, we’ll be guesting on AniSpa

Gonna do my best

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Good afternoon

I talked about this a little bit on Okaeri Radio before but…

I am being featured
In the October issue of CanCam
That is on sale now

CanCam is…
That CanCam~!!!

It’s a magazine that’s like a bible for working women~!


I first heard about this feature

Why me? (・ω・)

Or rather
Is it OK for me (to be in the magazine)!? (´ω`;)

It was that sort of feeling
And my head started pounding


This time
It was this kind of plan…

With CanCam-like fashion and hair-styling
I think you can see an all-new me


On the day of the shoot itself too
I went to the studio feeling all fidgety and flighty…

D-d-d-d-on’t I stick out like a sore thumb? (´。`;;)

Just joking…but I did feel nervous entering the studio
CanCam’s staff is mostly made up of women!

Being enveloped in the healing aura of such wonderful girl power which also helped get rid of my nerves
I was able to smile naturally for the camera

Everyone at CanCam
Thank you so much

And and

Today’s photo shows
The goodies brought to the studio on that day…

This, it’s coffee jelly!

Apparently they knew I loved coffee so it was readied especially for me

That sort of consideration
Made me feel all fluffly, like jelly…

So please do check out CanCam
To see a side of me that’s a bit different from what you usually see~

Thanks for the support

Now then…

Since we’re on the subject of photoshoots
I’ve another announcement here…

Tomorrow, on the 25th of August
Finally! Toyosaki Aki’s 1st photobook Akiyasumi goes on saleeee

I hope those of you who hold this book in your hands
Will receive much joy from it…(´ω`)

I’ll leave the talk about that
For tomorrow!

I’m gonna do my best today tooo

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