Red and White and a Shimashima Bambi

Good mornin’~

It looks like it’ll be raining
In Tokyo today

There’s supposed to be a bit of moisture in the air but
It seems my throat feels
A bit drier than usual…

And for times like these~
I have the perfect tea in mind~

About a year ago
During recordings for Boku o Sagashite
Chara told me about this herb tea~

There’s various things you can do for your throat but

Drinking this herb tea relaxes me…
And is the most effective for my throat

It also brings back
Warm memories from those days

This morning, I boiled some of the tea
Put it in a heat-retaining tumbler
And took it with me (to work)


The ginger tea
I was given during recordings for Shimajirou
Had a gentle flavour, warming up my body…

At this time when it’s getting warmer (though it’s actually quite chilly right now)

Warm beverages
Will always make your heart feel all soft and fluffy

Monday’s the start of the week!

I’m gonna do my best today~


*note: title refers to a Chara song

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