The Osaka live is over!

To those who came in the rain to see the show
Thank you very much!

Zepp Osaka
When I was still living in the Kansai area
It was a venue I went to so many times to see lives
So it’s a place that I love and hold fond memories of

And in this place
This time I’m standing on the stage instead
It’s like a dream

Once upon a time I dreamt
Would I be able to become intimate with the Zepp stage
Like so many shining and cool artists before…?

In the shinkansen on the way home
I was thinking these kind of thoughts
Dreamily eating my takoyaki(´ω`)heehee♥

All of you in Osaka
You were in real good form!

It was a really really
Powerful live for me

The atmosphere and view was a little different than in the past
It was both nervy and exciting

Each and everyone of your
Feelings of ‘we’ll try our best’
Got through to us!

Even I wasn’t able to respond to that
Or rather I mean, I wasn’t able to surpass that

What I can give to you now
Is my utmost effort
I’ll do my best
And break through for the next live

Warm and happy
The city I love, Osaka

And the many warm smiles I met there
I will never forget you

With much love
Thank you very much!


I’ll stop by again(´ω`)v☆

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